Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators. Yawn. It’s not a fresh concept for most businesses.

KPIs are those things that help us understand how we are doing. Profit, productivity, cash flow, sales— – these are all KPIs for a business. They don’t have to be dollar- denominated KPIs, they can also be time- based goals, numbers, or instances  of any other meaningful measurement, so long as it is that can be SMART (Specific, Meaningful, Actionable, Relevant and Time Bounded.

Yawn again.

It’s much more interesting to hit the floor running than it is to evaluate KPIs. Start putting out fires and jumping on top of opportunities, right? This is how most of us respond to the challenges that each day brings.

And of course these things are important, but let’s also stay focused on what we should be doing to move past the economic slowdown.

Without identifying our KPIs, we forget what we are supposed to be focusing on, what we are supposed to be doing. Instead, we become like thimbles in an ocean, being tossed about, thrashing and fighting to keep our heads above water.

When you are working on your KPIs, you have much greater control of your own fate. You respond calmly, you have a clear picture of your priorities. You have a compass.

Today’s Challenge: Establish two or three KPIs for yourself. Post them somewhere visible so that each and every day, you are reminded of the meaningful goals you as an individual can work on to manage your world and your success.

My KPIs might seem boring, (boring but they work for me!):
  • Ten meaningful contacts with my clients per week;
  • Three meaningful contacts with Preferred Providers or other relationships that have a “Bigger Future” every week;
  • Keeping ahead of my paperwork by posting my time records in our cost accounting system and dealing with e-mails for any given week by the end of that week.

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