Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Whoa!  That’s the scariest cyst I’ve ever seen!

Oh, wait. I got confused. I’m not talking about scary nodules. I’m talking about people who have elevated topic of SCARCE-ness to a mantra …

A scarcicist.

To be clear, we hear scarcicists all of the time.

“If only we stopped this or that we would have enough of that of this.”

We hear this everyday from candidates on the campaign trail. We hear it from the talking heads and the pundits on the 24-hour news cycles. We hear that naughty corporations are to blame for using up all the stuff like plants, trees, land, air, water, gold, silver, zinc, oranges, apples, superheroes, clouds, etc.

We hear about all the evil countries stealing all the things from people.

We dare not keep using “stuff” and “things” because pretty soon we will be plum out of it!

Several weeks ago, Dan Sullivan, the strategic coach for entrepreneurs, sent me an email recommending that I read Abundance by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. The book points out that rather than living in a world of scarcity, we are actually in an age of abundance.

Some say we are straining the world’s resources, daring Mother Earth to burst at the seams, so you know what I say?

We now have a war raging between the scarcicists and what I will call “The Abundance Bunch®.” ( I am trademarking this name so don’t even try it).

Scarcicists tend to believe that things are finite. They believe that if you get something, I won’t get something.  If something is used, nothing will be left to take its place. They also tend to believe that the distribution of resources are allocated unfairly. They want outside rules put in place to assure fair distribution.

The Abundance Bunch® thinks differently. They believe that human innovation and new technologies will create WHAT we need WHEN we need it. If demand exists for something that is limited in supply, something will come around to fill the hole. Ingenuity will always triumph. Lastly, the connectivity of our world through technology will enable the sharing of thoughts and capabilities in such a manner that any challenge is surmountable.

You might be thinking this sounds a little hokey. You must also think that The Abundance Bunch is a horrible name. You are wrong on both counts. First off, great name. You are all just jealous you didn’t think of it first.

Secondly, I just think that all of us have a choice. We can wring our hands, blame everyone else, and wait for others to fix what ails us …

Or we can be a support-mechanism that creates a brighter and bigger future.

When you think about it, The Abundance Bunch® will never be below-the-liners (The Oz Principle - see my blog from March, The Dirty Word). They are looking for ways to impact and influence.

Today, I challenge you to join The Abundance Bunch®. No scarcicists allowed! 

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