Friday, April 6, 2012

The New & Improved YOU!

The New & Improved YOU......featuring ten times more YOU!

Where are you reading this right now? Are you at home? A waiting room at a doctor’s office...or at the same ol’ job you’ve had for the last 17 years.

Same ol’ job, you say?

Well, in that case, I say, ONLY IF YOU WANT IT TO BE!

What if I told you that no matter where you are, who you are, or what you are, you can be ten times better?

Don’t believe me? Well, you should because you can. GUARANTEED!

But before we get to my super-platinum, no-risk, double-your-money-back guarantee (this advice is free), let’s ask ourselves another question …

Why would you want to be ten times better?

Frankly, I think you are pretty darn great, just the way you are, but if you were ten times better …

Your job would be easier.

You would be faster and more productive.

You would increase your capacity to do bigger things.

You might even get a raise, a promotion, or a genie that grants you every wish imaginable. (Disclaimer: The last one probably won’t happen—unless you are prone to imaginary visions.)

The business visionary Dan Sullivan suggests that all of us can move to a “ten times” more world by being:


Those characteristics sound like fun, don’t they? Way better than:

Don’t care
Can’t do anything for yourself

When you are working toward a “ten times” future, being ALERT to opportunities to increase your capabilities and improve performance is key to growing your productivity. But it’s pretty hard to be ALERT when you are not CURIOUS. Going deeper to understand things and how they work allow you to understand how things connect. These qualities provide the base upon which you can easily see improvements or new applications of old wisdom and approaches.

Moving quickly in response to your surroundings is the best antidote to being left behind. Too many of us wait for something to change when, in fact, we are responsible for the change. It is up to us to capitalize on the opportunity or defend against the unexpected. RESPONSIVENESS captures the opportunity. The more opportunity captured, the more likely things will get ten times better.

Finally, let’s talk about being RESOURCEFUL. The ability to work with others makes the day go faster and work life easier. Your relationships are like a bank account. (Don’t worry: This bank is fully insured.)  Our relationships are our social capital. We can be resourceful by connecting with others to get better results. We can draw and make deposits into our social capital bank account by working with others—providing them with resources we have and pulling from the resources they have.

So there you have it. All of us can move to a “ ten times” future by being alert, curious, responsive, and resourceful. For those of you that this resonates with, I say GO FOR IT. In fact, if you need me to say it ten times, I will.



Ah, two is all you get. I just found a lamp, and I’m hoping there is a genie in it. Wish me luck!

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